Melody Gardot - The Bedroom Sessions EP

Posted on: Mon 06 jun 2005 15.28

The title is Bedroom Sessions, but not bedroom as in Barry. Barry White.
Behind this cd is a story of life i will leave it to you to read more about what happened to her. Life is a wicked ride.

Melody Gardot will probably remind you of Norah Jones first recordings, but Melody adds her own dimension to that. A dimension that came from the true experience of life.
This is not the common (pretty), young girl who sings a silly lovesong about a boy who left, we've heard that one to many times before. No. 21 years can be a lot less, sometimes.
I'll tell you that much from my own experience, that you really don't know a lot about life in that age, but there are exceptions...

What Melody has managed is to do an album without the normal stereotypes and cliches. What you hear is the truth of life, played and told by someone who has no intention to fool you. Why would she? what does she has to loose?

Don't get me wrong, i love the sultry voice of Joss Stone et al (and, indeed, her new single may well "make your summer" and that's fine, but to be honest, isn't it obvious that Joss really has no idea what she is singing about?.
I mean even if Little Beaver is there and helps out with his guitar, it doesn't "do it" to me, even after a few listenings. Melody, however makes soothing, true, soulmusic in my book of music.

7 tracks (one is a hidden bonus), you can listen to Melody Gardot on CD Baby

It's a limited pressing. Hurry!

It's music of life when life itself is speaking of how wonderful it can be a sunny day in june when you are whistling in the park, happy just to be alive.